Taxi Advertising

Leverage SOM’s exclusive partnerships and gain access to top-quality taxi advertising all throughout Australia.

With taxis spending the vast majority of their time in the city and delivering newly arrived travellers, taxi advertising offers unparalleled mass marketing ability.

Cost Effective Campaigns

Harnessing the reach of taxi advertising is an excellent and cost-effective way to promote your brand at eye level. Constantly on the move, this potent media format offers high-frequency exposure to deliver results on medium to short-term campaigns.

Taxi supersides offer a cut-through advertising opportunity for clients to utilise a high-frequency platform and enhance a campaign or saturate an audience with to-the-point messaging.

Taxis occupy almost every area of lively city centres, moving between shopping centres, restaurants, airports, and tourist locations.

Whether they’re moving or not, taxis are constantly in populated, lively districts generating awareness for your brand.

Increase your brand's exposure with a platform that’s used every single day of the year.

Allow SOM’s specialists to bolster your taxi advertising campaign and drive business directly to your site through intelligently embedded web addresses and QR codes.