Comprehensive Audience Targeting

What We Do

SOM specialises in planning and purchasing audio advertising, including podcasts, promotions and sponsorships, across all national radio brands Australia-wide. We cater to businesses of any size. Our specialist team will provide unique solutions, produce incredible creative, deliver your audio, and help you manage the entire campaign process.


Plan & Buy Radio

Our decades of industry knowledge coupled with a fierce passion for creating incredible audio enables our team to assist you in building a quality cross-platform audio advertising campaign that delivers results.

Our team of specialists will work with you to create a comprehensive brief so your objectives can be effectively targeted. Leverage our decades of knowledge and experience with local territories, national airtime campaigns, and specific demographics. Our team will talk you through the reasoning behind station choices and frequency so you can have an in-depth understanding of the returns you can expect on your investment.


Brand Intregration

Make the most of creative opportunities and partnerships offered by commercial radio stations to maximise brand integration.

Brands are integrated with radio stations that have the unique ability to naturally deliver brand or product endorsements live on air. Without the worry of interruptions, radio stations can create a relevant dialogue with listeners to deliver incredible results that lead to standout campaigns.


Audio is Personal

For many listeners, online audio content is consumed through headphones, leading listeners to feel they are being directly spoken to by the presenter. This often leads to listeners trusting the presenters and the information they provide, similar to the way they would trust information offered by a friend. This ultimately means listeners can hear your commercial in an environment they feel comfortable and more receptive to your message.

Creative Production

Our in-house creative production specialists will handle everything - from writing and producing your radio commercial to offering insight and video production for applicable online elements of your ad.

Our field-proven production team provides decades of industry experience from successful campaigns, alongside an incredible passion for maximising the capabilities of sound. SOM offers access to exceptional production facilities, quality producers, content writers, and crisp voiceovers. We take pride in managing your entire campaign from start to finish, including voice casting, copy compliance, and distribution of audio.

SOM’s production team is in great demand, producing everything from comprehensive radio advertising campaigns to unique digital audio ads. We can bolster the strength of any campaign with creative and astute audio/digital content.