Mobile Programmatic

Experts in reaching, retaining, and monetising your desired mobile users at scale.

SOM’s mobile specialists employ a wide variety of industry-leading technology to achieve incredible audience outreach with dynamic creative that delivers results. Our access to AI & App intelligence allows us to optimise audience modeling with 1st and 3rd party data insights. Bolstered by real-time targeting that provides algothritims to enhance bid optimisation across every stage of your funnel. Integrated modules provide the final crucial layer, driving increased audience reach and engagement across the entire digital sphere. Furthermore, gain clear insights for every impression served with complete transparency.

Maximise mobile advertising and drive results on top-tier certified apps.

SOM’s intelligent filtering system helps our specialists bid on only the highest quality and most specific inventory to bolster your campaign. We will find the most applicable verified apps to drive your ROI while significantly boosting conversions with data-signal driven retargeting.

Partner with SOM and allow us to help you reach your audience and encourage them to spend. Our partnerships and industry tools give us access to a database of more than 2 billion unique mobile users, providing all the data you need to find your desired audience. Our expertise cover the following apps:

  • Gaming Apps
  • Shopping Apps
  • Dating Apps
  • Finance Apps
  • Fintech Apps
  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Rideshare Apps
  • Subscription Apps

Video Exchange

Take your ad campaigns to the top-tier with compelling in-app video that bridges the gap between advertisers and the vast network of mobile users all over the globe. Our specialists will give you access to SOM’s exclusive inventory of video to deliver quality, compelling content to your users.

We can deliver ads across every format while maintaining a safe brand environment with comprehensive oversight controls. Reach your desired users with memorable campaigns to drive brand engagement and deliver that all important ROI.


Custom-made and dynamic creative

Reach inactive and new users through data-driven personalisations that drive monetisation by taking your users’ in-app experience to a whole new level. Enhance your campaign with dynamic, real-time creative that delivers ROI that’s tailor made for every app environment.

Increase incremental conversions through intelligent implementation of data signals to provide dynamic user retargeting.

Increase user engagement rates by up to 7x with dynamic creative optimisation.

Partner with SOM to gain access to our specialist creative team who will provide valuable insights on which approach best fits your goals. We have access to industry leading tools allowing us to provide unrivalled personalisation and model optimisation. We continuously monitor and A/B test different models to find the best performing creative to increase your ROI.


Anti-Fraud tech

SOM’s specialists eliminate fraudulent activity by intelligently filtering traffic and verifying databases to ensure you are only serving ads to real users. The implementation of bid request filtering will provide another comprehensive layer of protection against fraudulent traffic.