Apple Search Ads Specialists

Apple Search Ad’s (ASA) unique ability to deliver high-quality users from high-intent search traffic makes it one of the industry-favoured acquisition channels for iOS apps. However, its seemingly straightforward process makes it one of the most under-optimised platforms in modern-day advertising.

With Switch On Media’s revolutionary AI platform. We can to make thousands of changes on an hourly basis during your campaign, this allows us to optimise like never before and drives ROI while being able to scale in a controlled and safe environment. Our purpose-built ASO intelligence software helps to create new pathways, in order to understand, identify, engage, and acquire consumers in your local territory or globally at scale.

Apple Search Ads Certified


App Store Optimisation

App Store Optimisation (ASO) is an integral element of spawning organic growth for any mobile app. Utilise SOM’s exclusive access to mobile intelligence to ensure your app has the right indexation and easily discoverable content to ensure your business is maximising its App Store rank.


Global Performance Mobile Network

The Switch On mobile ad network gives brands access to premium in app traffic across the globe on a performance basis. Whether you want to find new customers to install your product, to make that first in app transaction or a first time deposit, we can help you target and acquire the right customers at scale for your marketing campaigns. Our extensive network covers APAC, EMEA, US, North America and South America.

Our solutions help our clients discover their most valuable customers. This process is enhanced by years of experience, running many performance campaigns across multiple geos and verticals and driven by data science.

.....we were blown away by the results after just 1-2 months of experimentation.

The Switch On Media team have an impressively entrepreneurial and can-do mindset