CBD Offices

Engaging professionals in the 21st century

Our CBD Office advertising offers brands an intelligent and powerful way to target professionals while they’re away from home. Our reach is unrivalled thanks to our longstanding partnerships which give us access to thousands of multimedia digital screens in hundreds of notable Australian offices.

Leveraging new-age behavioural targeting, we can place your ad in front of professional, typically hard-to-reach audiences in high-dwell areas. This ability makes our targeting incredibly precise, exponentially enhancing brand engagement. Deliver your ad to the audience you need, including newly employed university graduates, all the way through to top-tier business people and CEOs who rarely have disposable time to watch commercial TV or read the newspaper.


Office Screens

Utilise the long dwell times and impressive average frequency of office screens, connecting your brand with your desired audience in an undisturbed and pleasant environment.

The ability to display your ad up to seven times a day in a long-dwell time environment will maximise visibility and drive brand engagement.

We work with our partners to intelligently place our screens near office lobbies, next to, and inside elevators to reach all customers, whether inbound or outbound.

Our network of office screens gives us the ability to deliver intelligent and dynamic advertisements, including messaging triggered by a certain weather pattern, or time-targeted content.

Enhance your campaign with top-tier integration of smart ads to deliver time-targeted creative content, RSS feeds, and even weather-triggered messages.



Café advertising gives us the unique ability to deliver your brand’s message to hundreds of thousands of intelligent consumers.

We can deliver your ad in hundreds of cafés across Australia through multimedia displays, and brand experiences, all within your consumers’ personal routine.

The café screen displays are intelligently situated near or above café baristas and staff, driving brand engagement among sophisticated and intelligent audiences. We find this particularly effective due to the laid-back, habitual manner of a café environment, providing the priceless benefits of high frequency and high dwell time.