Billboard Advertising


Digital Billboards

Digital billboards offer never-before-seen flexibility to adapt and alter your message with the benefit of pre-booked time-slots that are more likely to reach your desired audience.

SOM has access to a wide range of digital billboards situated in busy locations all throughout Australia. Prime locations are often seen along busy motorways, in bus stops, and next to shopping malls.

Neighbourhood shopping malls and town centres are often bustling with teenagers and young families shopping and doing leisure activities such as visiting a cinema or coffee shop.

6-sheet billboards have a unique ability to increase the frequency of certain messages at precise times to influence consumers’ purchase behaviour and decisions. With 6-sheet billboards being live 24-hours per day they are one of the optimal platforms for reaching our 21sts century population who are always on the go.


Large Format Billboards

As we continue to see exponential growth in the realm of digital advertising, Large or 48-sheet billboards have become a key option for time-specific targeting of specific audiences.

The sheer size of 48-sheet billboards makes them an eye-catching option for targeting motorists along motorways and busy roads.

X large or 96-sheet Billboards are primarily seen in prime locations such as long busy roadways, train stations, and bus interchange stations. This excellent placement allows them to reach a wide array of audiences, including motorists, their passengers, and commuters using public transport.

As the largest billboards currently seen around the world, your ad will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers. Allow SOM to provide your business with the kind of exposure that is simply unforgettable.