Airport Advertising

SOM are specialists in airport advertising and have unparalleled access to airports all throughout Australia.

With consumers ready to spend big in airport duty-free, brands can leverage and target an incredibly affluent audience with compelling campaigns. Reach your desired demographic with memorable campaigns that are seen by domestic and international travellers.

Partner with SOM and allow us to capture the attention of your desired audience.

Airports are used by almost every audience, from students to business people, and of course, frequent flyers.

Arrival and departure sites are known to really engage with flyers, with SOM’s access to these premium sites you can target your audience with iconic, memorable campaigns that drive results.

Airports are also home to intelligently placed small format advertisements. With SOM’s assistance, your brand can communicate a key message of longer length while retaining your audience’s undivided attention.

With long dwell times and flyers that are keen to quell their boredom, your brand can use airport advertising to access a typically hard-to-reach audience.

Anyone flying frequently is likely to have an expendable bankroll, making airport advertising incredibly valuable for high-end brands or products.

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